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An Online Space to Practice Embodied Communication, Relational Attunement & Group Field Facilitation

Thank you for your interest in the Heart iQ Dojo!

The Heart iQ Dojo is an online experiential space to practice your relating, embodiment, attunement, communication and group facilitation skills. 

There are two versions of this service that you can choose to participate in, based on your needs. 

First we have our Heart iQ Dojo which offers you a monthly 5-hour online workshop facilitated by Christian and his team, as you are guided through a series of practices to deepen your presence, open your Heart and becoming more skilful in feeling self, others and the field.

Then we have the Heart iQ Dojo + Facilitator Lab. This includes everything in the Heart iQ Dojo but also includes an additional monthly 3 hour workshop, where you can practice and develop your group coaching and facilitation skills. 

Both versions come with a large selection of additional perks & training. For a complete list, see below.

The Heart iQ Dojo will:

  • Help you become fluent in the communication language of Heart iQ to upgrade all your relationships.

  • Give you an opportunity to develop your 'felt sense' through embodiment & attunement practices.

  • Provide a space to do your inner and relational work in connection with others in tribe & community. 

  • Give you a foundation in Heart iQ Relationship Coaching & Group Field Facilitation.

Watch the video below for a recap on the important differences and how the program works.

The Heart iQ Dojo

3 x Monthly 5-hour online workshops

Q&A livestreams throughout each month

Optional Practice Pods

Weekly inspirational training content

Structured tutorials and worksheets

Facilitated by Christian & Team

Event Library & Replays

Online Private Community

Each of the monthly workshops lasts for 5 hours (with a 45 min break in the middle) and is hosted on a Sunday evening for those in Europe and Sunday morning for those in the USA & Canada. 

Replays are available for those who can't attend any part of the session.

Upcoming Heart iQ Dojos:


Jan. 9th at 4pm Europe, 10am Eastern

Feb. 6th at 4pm Europe, 10am Eastern

Mar. 6th at 4pm Europe, 10am Eastern

$199 for 3 months access

The Heart iQ Dojo + 
Facilitator Lab

Access to the Heart iQ Dojo PLUS:

3 x Monthly 3-Hour Facilitator Workshop

Weekly Facilitator Case studies with commentary & breakdown

Optional Practice Pods

Access to Level 1  Practitioner Course

Replay Access

Online Private Community

Each additional Facilitator Lab lasts for 3 hours (2 x 75 minute sessions with a 30 min break in the middle) and is hosted on a Sunday evening for those in Europe and Sunday morning for those in North America. Replays are available for those who can't attend any part of the session.

Upcoming Facilitator Labs:


Jan 23rd at 6pm Europe, 12pm Eastern

Feb. 20th at 6pm Europe, 12pm Eastern

Mar. 20th at 6pm Europe, 12pm Eastern

$399 for 3 months access

HEADS UP: The Facilitator Lab INCLUDES access to the Heart iQ Dojo, so you don't need to register for both.

Meet the Team

Christian Pankhurst

Christian is the founder of Heart iQ and author of 'Insights to Intimacy' - Why Relationships Fail and How to Make Them Work. He is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart intelligent relationships. Christian is the co-founder of New Eden, a community and retreat centre where the work is put into practice with others in conscious community.

Sumir Brown

Sumir is the founder of Feminine Rising and co-founder of New Eden Retreat Center located in the Netherlands. She is an international relationship coach; supporting women, men and couples in their journey of creating emotionally hygienic, heart intelligent and devotional love.

Sylvie Fröhlicher

Sylvie is a circle facilitator, embodiment teacher and Self-leadership coach based in Zurich, Switzerland. Dedicated to discovering and navigating inner worlds with loving curiosity, dropping into the body’s wisdom, and creating safe spaces for unheard voices. Passionate about empowering women to stand boldly and vulnerably in authentic expression.

Paulina Bolek

Voice-Medicine Woman, Singer-Songwriter, Embodiment and (Self-) Intimacy Guide, Women's Circle Facilitator. Devoted to the path of the Heart, consciously embracing the fullness of her humanity as a woman and mother.

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