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May 18 - 21

Prices on a Sliding Scale: Pay according to your capacity

As a gesture towards economic equity we’re introducing a sliding scale for our retreat fees. In previous years we have seen that fixed prices hindered access for many who might benefit from the experience and the transformation we can offer. A sliding scale allows us to serve people from a wider range of economic groups while maintaining retreat fees as a reliable pillar of our economy / income. 

The success of a sliding scale requires community collaboration. Ideally it allows everyone to pay what they’re able to, while honouring the time and resources invested into the courses. The mid-point of the scale reflects our best translation into a monetary sum of the time, energy and material we put into the courses; the higher end of the sliding scale balances the lower one.  

How do I know how much to pay? 

Knowing how to rate your capacity requires a moment of honest self-assessment. A complex web of income, wealth, class, race and other factors make up the realities of our ability to pay. In the best case everyone pays within their ability, with those paying higher prices supporting those paying at the lower end. 

We invite you to follow these guidelines in choosing your price:

Consider paying higher on the scale if you:

Own the home you live in

Have investments, retirement accounts or inherited money

Travel recreationally

Have access to family resources in times of need

Work part time by choice

Have a relatively high degree of earning power due to your level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.). Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, we encourage you to recognise this as a choice.

Are dedicated to supporting others’ access to an experience with Heart iQ

Consider paying lower on the scale if you:

Are supporting children or have other dependents

Have significant debt

Have significant medical expenses not covered by insurance

Have educational expenses

Receive public assistance

Have immigration-related expenses

Are a senior citizen with a fixed income. 

Thank you for your participation. We ask you to assess yourself sincerely; we trust the choices you make and will not question you about them once you are in retreat. 

Contact information

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I understand that if I cancel before 30 days of the start of the event, I will be charged a 10% administration charge to cover credit card processing fees and other administration costs.

If I cancel within 30 days of the event start date, I will receive a 50% refund.

If I cancel within 7 days of the event start date, the ticket becomes non-refundable. However, if I find someone to take my place, I can transfer the ticket to another person.

I also agree that when I register for this retreat, I will be added to Heart iQ's mailing list in order to receive updates about this program. I also understand that I will receive occasional newsletters, marketing and promotional emails from Heart iQ. However, Heart iQ will never sell or rent my email address or personal information.
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Sliding Scale
We ask you to read the above "sliding scale" guidelines and reflect on your financial situation, both your personal and wider economic context, before choosing your price. 

A sliding scale is a community effort and requires everyone's participation and integrity to work. When everyone gives within their ability together we move away from capitalism towards a gift paradigm. This often involves re-evaluating how one sees oneself with regards to wealth; looking beyond our immediate surroundings and realizing what we actually have and can give.  

Do you consider yourself to be in a high, middle or low income / wealth category? Is paying for this course easy for you? Does it involve a possible sacrifice or a hardship for you right now? Having taken that moment to reflect, please choose what feels true for you from the following:

Choose How Much You Can Pay (Prices exclude meals*, travel & accommodation)
* An optional meal package is available to purchase for CHF170

  • Preferred option
    Lowest PriceCHF499.00
  • Preferred option
    Lower PriceCHF599.00
  • Preferred option
    Mid PriceCHF699.00
  • Preferred option
    Higher PriceCHF799.00
  • Preferred option
    Highest PriceCHF899.00
  • Preferred option
    Philanthropist (Ticket for you + Sponsor someone in need)CHF999.00

Insights to Intimacy Course & Book

Receive a signed copy of the book for just CHF20
Add this option if you'd like to receive a signed copy of Christian's Heart iQ Communication Manual: Insights to Intimacy, Why Relationships Fail and How to Make Them Work.

You will receive the book when you attend the event and it will also include a home study course with videos to help with the practices.

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